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records 180 - FAQ

Which bike should I go for between Pulsar 220F, Gixxer SF & Apache RTR 180within a budget of 1.1 lakhs?
Yes you are right. Gixxer will always have lesser power on tap than the 220F.Although the Gixxer SF is capable of 131kmph it is still not as quick as thePulsar.But you see my friend in the whole lifetime of your bike you will perhaps getto those speeds maybe 20 times. Lets say 50 times tops. But the rest of thedays On a regular commuting day what will matter is maneuverability intraffic mileage handling and looks. In which the gixxer zips past thepulsar. The reliabilty will matter in the long run. On long twisty roads thezuperb handling capabilities will see you scraping your knee on the tarmac.Also the 0–60kmph mark which you will need the most in Indian roadconditions are attained by both in nearly the same time. In the long runmaintainence cost of Gixxer will be lot less. A better console with gear shiftand clock indicator smooth and punchy engine 50kmpl mileage stability ofmonoshock suspension grip of 140mm curved profile rear tyre looks of themotogp edition and much more are what you will be missing on the Pulsar.Well have a look at this quick comparision and few other choices in thesegment.
Which is best bike among pulsar AS200, Apache rtr 200 and Suzuki gixxer/sf.Considering Performance, Handing and Maintenance?
Which bike is the best one among Pulsar AS200 Apache 180 R15 The answer tothis question is a bit complicated. In the end your personal choice is whatreally matters. Track The R15 is a noholds barred track machine. If you live near a trackand are interested in racing then this is the bike for you dont even botherwith the other bikes. Its great on the streets too. Fuel injected DOHC motorchurns out a respectable 18bhp which is adequate for street riding. Handlingas with all the other Yamaha Rs is exceptional. It has the looks that makeyour inner dhoom fanatic go crazy. It will be a pain in the wrists though ifyou live in an area where travelling 7km from home to office takes an hour.Handling the bike in cutthroat traffic is a bit of a problem due to its longwheelbase and a huge turning radius. It is manageable assuming you have somepatience left at the end of the day. The pillion seat is uncomfortable forlong rides and is also very high which makes the pillion look weird IMO. Gofor this bike if the traffic and pillion are not a concern and want to landthe hot chick at your workplace. Tourer The Pulsar AS200 is built for touring. High ground clearance coupledwith a torquey motor means that it is more easily manoeuvrable than the R15 inthe city. The seats are also much better than the R15 which means that youdont have to sleep with an ice pack on your a every night. It is also2530k cheaper than the R15 which fits in the under 1lac budget of mostpeople. The styling and overall appearance of the bike is also good. Cleanlines define the touring personality of the pulsar. However the quality andfit and finish levels are noticeably lower than the Yamaha which can be adealbreaker for some. But if you are the kind of guy who does 100km dailyfor fun or out of necessity the pulsar is the one you should go for. Streetfighter The Apache RTR 180 sits somewhere between these two. It hasthe shortest wheelbase of the three and being a streetfighter it is veryflickable on the streets. It is a great track bike for a streetfighter andis second only to the R15. It changes directions like a deer being chased by acheetah you can literally weave through traffic going left and right andovertake everyone without losing a bit of confidence or traction it is thatgood. Fit and finish levels are also on par with the R15. Personally I am abig fan of the way the RTR looks. The DRLs look wicked cool and blend in withthe sharp and muscular looks of the Apache. It is priced just above thePulsar which makes it a great VFM bike. The seats while a bit small arecomfortable for daily riding. They are not touring material however and itbecomes apparent once you cross 4050km in one stretch.The seat does notpradequate cushioning and support for long rides and will technicallyhave the same effect as the R15s pillion seat ice pack to the a. Go forthis bike if you have a weird attraction for traffic like me and want acapable machine to tackle it.
Which bike should I buy, a Bajaj Pulsar 180 or a Suzuki Gixxer SF?
I cannot narrow it down and say which bike you should buy but I can share myexperience I had with my bike.I own a Suzuki Gixxer SF since Jan 2022. I have done few long trips. And evenmany weekend trips to nearby places.I stay in Bangalore and have traveled to Chennai 350 km once and twice toThrissur Kerala470 km. Both the routes are pretty good with most part ofthe highways with 6 lanes. So keeping that in mind I would answer yourquestions.I normally travel keeping RPM constantly at 7000 which is roughly 95–97 kmhspeed. So for 100 kmh the RPM is around 7200 to 7300 RPM. When I am tired ofthe constant speed of 95 I would go up 8000 RPM and above and keep my speed ataround 110–112 kmh. The bike can easily do this for a long time withoutfeeling much load on the engine.I take halts of 10–15 mins in every 1 to 1.5hrs to prevent over heating. And I cover anywhere between 65 to 80 km everyhour excluding the halts.On such highways and trips I have easily got 48 to 52 kml mileage even afterkeeping the speed around 95 to 100 on an average.In normal daily usage I have a bit rough driving with sudden acceleration andbrakes and thus get a mileage of 38 to 43 kml.And yes as far as I have heard and from my knowledge I can say that 200220cc bikes have lesser mileage compared to 150 cc ones which is around 30 to 35kml with good usage.Hope this helps you take your decision or give you a better idea.
Which is best Apache 180 ABS or Suzuki Gixxer sf or Yamaha FZ v2.0?
Apache 180I dont think this has got enough aesthetics and technology to compete in thecurrent market scenario.Considering the power it is well and good but has gotvibrations above 60kmph mark.This makes it difficult for long rides.Thepresence of ABS makes it an upper hand but considering the market price andthe technology it lags behind in current market.The mileage stands at 35kmpl.Gixxer SFIt is one among the best premium 150cc bikes you can buy. It has got enoughpower and torque to overtake any vehicle with ease.Mileage of the bike standsat 50approximately.The FI engine churns out an extra bhp and also deliverssmooth performance.The only cons you face is the poorly managed servicecenters and lack of availability of spare parts.This bike will surely be ahead turner in a crowd.Yamaha FZ 2.0I personally own a FZ V2.0. It has got good power and is capable of overtakingvehicles with ease.The FI engine provides correct fueling and the mileagestands at 50 approximately. For long rides it is quite comfortable and willcruise at 8595kmph with ease. Maintaining 100kmph mark will stress the engineand will result in drop in mileage.The kerb weight stands at 132kg and henceit is very nimble and easy to use in curves and in city traffic.VerdictIf you choose to go for long rides during the weekend and use your bike moreoften in city commutingGixxer SF FI and FZ V2.0 makes the best one. Gixxer SFFI will have an added feature of side fairings which will help you to reducedrag.Note The above information is based on my experience in all these bikes. Itmay vary for different persons based on their perspective.
Is it worth spending 1.05 lakh on a Gixxer SF when there is an Apache 180 ABSand a Pulsar 200AS?
You wont be spending 1.5 lacs on the Gixxer SF. Becasue the bike costs youless than a lakh on road anywhere in India. And it definately makes sense for you to get a Gixxer SF rather than the RTSand AS because of these reasons Complaint Japnese technology Quality product remember these guys sells you Maruti Suzuki cars Smoother motor Aerodynamics are way ahead than the competitors Amazing road grip can do crazy corners which these bikes cant dream of. Fully digital instrument cluster to name a few. Check out the rest here
Which one is better, the Apache 180 ABS or Gixxer SF ABS?
Suzuki Gixxer SF If you are someone who have been bowled over by the styleand smoothness and of the original naked Gixxer but have wanted the samepackage in a fully faired body you can’t go wrong with this. Just don’t letits full fairing let you into believing that it has turned into a sportytrackloving machine now. Read more here Suzuki Gixxer SF Review The King’sNew Clothes MotoroidsTVS Apache RTR180 TVS has definitely managed to hit a sweet spot with thenew RTR 180. Blessed with a cracker of a motor effective brakes decent rideand handling manners and modern looks the TVS Apache comes across as a highlyappealing package. Read more here httpswww.motoroids.comreview...In my opinion go for the Apache. It is a better bike overall.
Which bike among pulsar 180 and suzuki gixxer 155 (not SF version) I shouldprefer keeping Banglore traffic in mind?
You yourself have answered the question. If you plan on going 30 kms daily.Its better you stick to bike that will give you better mileage. As the largerthe bike the more consumption of fuel and the more harder the clutch sansthe bikes having slipper clutch. So in your case Gixxer 150 sounds good andits perfect amalgamation of power and mileage.Do check if Suzuki showroom is nearby you. Going to other end of city forminor niggles is inconvenient. If you are interested in getting a Bajaj dolook for AS150.Another interesting option considering Bangalore traffic in my eyes wouldbe the newly launched Aprilia SR150. Its convenient than a bike and touches100 speeds too. But its a moto scooter and not a bike and mileage will belittle less than same capacity bikes but its hugely convenient in traffic toride.Hope this helps. Thanks for A2A.
Which is better for a new bike rider, the Avenger Cruise 220 or the Ginger SFFi? I’v driven an Apache RTR 180 before but not a lot. I have 10K km on aviator.
Both bikes are good. Avenger is a cruiser which comes with 219.9 cc motor that produces a 18.8 bhp and 17.5 Nm of torque. This bike is for those who go furlong rides who rides on highways everyday who travels more than 40 or 50 km everyday.Suzuki Gixxer SF fi is a bike which is equipped 154.9cc engine that produces power of 14.6 bhp and 14 Nm of torque. This bike is for those who want sports bike look who rides in city often and have few occasional long rides. As this comes with fuel injection you may have a good mileage and causes less pollution than the other carb versions.
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