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Military personnel records Sf 180 national Archives Form: What You Should Know

April 4, 1910--¬†April 4, 1905 --¬†April 4, 1888, MASSACHUSETTS AND ILLINOIS ‚ÄĒ¬†March 10, 1888 --¬†March 10, 1886, UNITED STATES --¬†December 10, 1864--¬†December 10, 1862, A list of veterans of other services whose service records are at Washington National Dental Laboratory is at:¬†. Other Service (Army and Navy) A list of veterans of other services whose service records are at Washington National Dental Laboratory is at:¬†. Other Service The earliest records pertaining to military service veterans are at the National Archives, for service that was completed before the following dates: The National Archives is in charge of custody and maintenance of these records in accordance with the records' retention schedules, which were established by the National Archives and Record Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and which have been approved by the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. National Archives of the U.S. Military Personnel Records, Vol. XC-3 A list of veterans of other services whose service records are available at Washington, DC, can be found at: . VA records of civilian service have been transferred from the Office of the Secretary to the Office of the Secretary of Defense in January 2011. In November 2006, the Office of Personnel Management signed a memorandum of understanding that transferred VA records of civilian service from the Office of the Secretary to the Office of the Secretary of Defense in January 2011. Service of Records. Records held by the National Archives are listed at: .

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FAQ - Military personnel records Sf 180 national archives

Where can I find military records?
The link below is to the national archives. There are forms you must fill out. You may also be required to show relationship to the individual about whom you are requesting information. I have no experience other than finding my own records and those of my father.To my knowledge the site below is a government sponsored site.Military Personnel Records, SF-180
If your grandfather served in the US Army from 1942 to 1952, is that something you could look up in public records?
As long as your grandfathers service ended over 60 years ago, his service record is a public record.Also, if you are the next of kin, the 60 year time does not apply, though in this case, 1952 is certainly more than 60 years ago.You can get those records by writing to the National Personnel Records Center at:National Personnel Records CenterMilitary Personnel Records1 Archives DriveSt. Louis, MO 63138I believe they also have an online presence where you can fill out the SF-180, Request for Records, online. But you might need a service number to make that happen, Iu2019m not sure. If in doubt, a letter always works to start the process, but do not expect fast turn-around, you might be looking at up to six months for a response.Also, there was a fire in the early 1970u2019s that caused a loss of records in St. Louis. Not all records were lost, but all that were lost were pre-1970s. If your grandfather falls into that, you might receive a u201csorry, we canu2019t help you, there was a fireu201d letter.
My father is a WW2 Navy veteran, assigned to the USS Kimberly. How do I find out if he has been awarded any medals?
Normally you would search for unit awards on NDAWS, but I believe the database does not go back to WWII.I checked, and USS KIMBERLY came up with no matches for unit awards. https://awards.navy.mil/awards/w... is how you would normally look.According to wikipedia, Kimberly received five battle stars for World War II and one star for Korean War service.If you want something more official than that, you need to fill out an SF180 form and submit that.Decorations and Medals (Awards) is a link, but here is what it says:Veterans or next-of kin of deceased veterans can obtain and fill out SF 180, Request Pertaining To Military Records or write a letter to request replacement awards. Each request should be filled out neatly and should include the veteranu2019s complete name used while in service, rank, service number, social security number, branch of service, dates of service (date entered and date released), and it should be signed by the veteran or the next of kin if the veteran is deceased. If using the SF 180, check the u201cOtheru201d box in section II, paragraph 1, and enter u201creplacement awardsu201d. Supporting documentation such as discharge paperwork or the veteranu2019s DD Form 214 or other military records can help speed the process. Mail your request to one of the following addresses:Veterans separated in or after 1998:NAVY PERSONNEL COMMANDPERS-312A5720 INTEGRITY DRIVEMILLINGTON, TN 38055-3120Veterans separated before 1998:NATIONAL PERSONNEL RECORDS CENTER1 ARCHIVES DRIVEST. LOUIS, MO 63138Take care!
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