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Hi I'm dr. bill Cushing and today I'd like to talk to you about obtaining documents to support a fully developed claim how to get a copy of your discharge how to get copies of your service treatment records how to get a copy of the personnel file if you have misplaced your original discharge you will need to obtain a certified copy before filing a fully developed claim use form SF 180 to accomplish this form SF 180 can also be used to give copies of your service treatment records if your claim is supported by your service treatment records you should get them as soon as possible form SF 180 is also useful in getting personnel records the personnel records may be helpful in supporting your claim if evidence supporting your claim cannot be found in your service treatment records it may be found in your personnel file so it makes sense to get that you can't submit form SF 180 by mail or by going online to the VA s ebenefits home page it makes sense to accumulate these documents as soon as you anticipate that you will be filing a claim once you get the documents make an extra copy and store them in a secure place there is always a possibility that the VA will lose these documents when you submit them with your claim if this happens you'll have an extra copy that you consent to them this will save you a great deal of frustration and a great deal of time well I hope this helps you


How can I confirm a US soldier's employment and ranking?
If you’re willing to wait a few weeks, have the individual fill out SF-180. This can be done in hard copy or online.SF-180 is Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining To Military Records. This will instruct the National Military Records Center to send you a certified copy of the individual’s DD-214.The DD-214 is the only way to verify that someone was in the military, what their job was, how long they served, what awards they received, and what their discharge status is, among other things.You could ask the individual to see their copy, but you run the risk they forged it (rare, but it happens).By filling out the SF-180 and listing yourself as the requester, the DD-214 will be delivered directly to you, eliminating the chance that the individual tampered with it.
How can I find my father's records in the 116th Infantry 29th Division Army?
To obtain a copy of his service file, I would recommend filling out and submitting an SF-180. You can obtain information on doing so here: personnel records for anyone discharged before 1956 are public records so are readily available by following the instructions in the link above.
How do I get a record of what shots I received in the US Navy?
Fill out and submit a SF-180 form. Also check the links below:Military Records and Identification | USAGovVeterans' Service Records
How would the SF Bay Area be different today if they'd used some of the gold-rush money to build a dike, reroute the rivers, pump out the water and fill it with dirt up to ground level?
So many problems with this question.First: Scale. Do you have any idea HOW LARGE the SF Bay is? 1,600 Square Miles! How on earth do you fill all that in?Second: Flooding. The bay is there because three major rivers (Sacramento, American and San Joaquin) come together here. That plus innumerable other smaller waterways means that you have millions of gallons of water coming into the bay every day. Where would all that water go?Third: The port. The real reason why San Francisco exists is because of the bay. There is really nothing terribly interesting about San Francisco during the gold rush. Except for the fact that it was on the way to the gold fields. The Bay made this possible. In this time period, water was the major transportation mode. Filling in the bay would have been a disaster for them economically.Fourth: Environmental impact. There are several major ecosystems represented by the bay. We did huge damage to them during the first part of the 20th century and are just starting to set them right again.Fifth: Aesthetics. The bay is beautiful and our lives revolve around it. Why on earth would we fill it in?You get the idea.Filling in the bay would have pretty much ended San Francisco as we know it. Perhaps the city would not be there at all.BTW, the opposite of what you ask actually happened. During the ice age you could walk to the Farallons because the sea level was so much lower:
How can you increase your IQ?
The easiest change that is likely to improve cognitive performance is in the area of diet. In particular, a proper ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in the diet is needed for proper cortical brain function. While these benefits have been proven in clinical trials only in young children - incidentally likely accounting for part of the 7 IQ point advantage of breastfeeding, which has also been proven - they likely apply to adults as well.The ideal ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s is about 1:1 or 1:2. These days, most people get most of their dietary fat from vegetable oils which have an unbalanced ratio in the range of 1:20 or 1:30. Getting rid of the vegetable oils in favor of animal fat from pastured animals is ideal. Failing that, getting some omega 3s from fatty fish, the best source, can partially offset the poor fatty acid balance of vegetable oils.For people older than the onset of metabolic syndrome, typically in the 40s, excessive blood sugar levels and swings tends to become an issue. A reduction in dietary carbohydrate intake - less sugar and starch - can help avoid this issue. There may be some additional benefit to going to a ketogenic diet, which provides an alternative source of energy to the brain - ketones instead of glucose - especially as ketones provide more usable energy per unit of oxygen.The next easiest change is exercise. For older adults - again, roughly those of us past the onset of metabolic syndrome - exercise is useful, probably because it helps burn off excessive blood sugar levels and stores. Anaerobic exercise is especially effective since it burns blood sugar less efficiently, and thus uses more of it.Then, there are changes in intellectual habits. In particular, it’s likely worthwhile to do a lot of reading. This is partly because reading builds vocabulary, which contributes to most peoples’ definition of intelligence and also is an element in many IQ tests. In addition, though, critical reading - thinking about what is read and its implications - helps one practice logical and rational analysis. Don’t worry about reading things that you think are good for you, just read what you enjoy enough to think about analytically. Find quiet, undisturbed time to do your reading.Learning math through calculus is probably also useful. Math at these levels - arithmetic through algebra to calculus - is applicable to all sorts of everyday issues. Do you have enough money to make it through payday? Arithmetic. What combination of potluck dishes do you need to make sure everyone has enough main course and dessert at that party? Algebra. Can you make it through the yellow light before it turns red? Calculus. I’m not saying you should break out the pencil and paper and write down equations for all these things, but if you’ve fully learned the math, you should be able to apply the concepts to these and many other everyday problems, even if your goal is not an exact numerical answer.Edit: Finally, there are other people. The more time you spend in the company of people smarter than you are - but not so much smarter you can’t understand them - the more opportunity you have to learn things from them, including thinking habits. Perhaps this one should have been first.Don’t expect an overnight change. Even babies take years to demonstrate the benefits from that initial year of breastfeeding. Keep up the good habits year after year, though, and you’ll likely see some benefits.
How can I find out if someone truly served in the military? My ex has a friend that brags about having an IQ in the 170’s and 700 plus kills in the military. I don’t believe he has ever served a day. Is there a way a civilian can find this out?
If he doesn't have a veteran's ID card, then he will have a DD-214. If he's the type of person who brags about having “over 700 kills” then he shouldn't mind presenting it.Even so, most jobs where people might think someone would track “kill counts” are jobs where it's just not feasible. Thirty dudes in the desert retuning fire towards pot shots or clearing rooms aren't going to be able to reliably tell who shot whom. The only jobs I've seen try to track kill counts did so for bureaucratic bean-counting on performance reports, and they used dubious methodologies that were “technically correct” but not representative of what people usually think when someone says “I killed 700 people.”An easier way to handle this is to ask to see their MENSA card. The chances that someone would “always" brag about a 170 IQ and not carry a MENSA card to whip out at every possible opportunity is vanishingly small.Or you could do what I would do and ignore him. He's not hurting anyone, and he clearly feels like he's not getting enough attention in his life. People lie to convince both others and themselves that the truth is something other than it is.He's trying to convince you that he's smart and dangerous, and if he's lying, it's because he feels like he is neither smart nor capable. Unmasking him in front of everyone might actually qualify as needlessly cruel, considering how much work it would take.
How many helium-filled party balloons would it take to lift a 180 pound man?
helium’s buoyant force is 0.0807 lb/(1)ft^3. so if you want to lift 180lbs you need (180/.0807) ~2230.5 ft^3 of helium . thankfully google considers a party balloon to be 1 ft^3 so that 2,230 mark doesn't need conversion. last thing important to think about is the mass of the balloons themselves. at this point. If you use one big balloon you’ll need a little bit more helium, If you use those 1 cubic foot balloons you’ll need a lot bit more.That being said, don’t do it. The FAA will not be happy and only gave the first guy who succeeded a pass because he was first.
If I get a 2bd apartment by myself in SF, how hard is it to find roommates to fill the spots?
This is a great way to find an apartment as long as you factor in at least a couple weeks to find a good roommate.  Although you're going to get a lot of interest, dealing with logistics and compatible personalities is easier said than done.  Another potential obstacle is that you'll be the only one on the lease-- meaning you have to sublease everyone and be on the hook if anything goes wrong.  That said, it's by far the best way to make sure you get an apartment you like.A great alternative to the Craigslist-roommate-search is to attend an A-List Happy Hour, hosted by Apartment List.  It's a weekly open bar in SF with 30+ roommate/apartment seekers all hanging out, having fun, and meeting new people.  Check out The Best Way to Find Roommates for more info on the events and the mobile app!
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