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Instructions and Help about SF 180

Ok everybody so as you can probably guess from how page 2 looks page 2 has a lot of stuff on it to fill out it's actually not so bad so just go ahead and tackle section 1 first so but there we go section 1 has a lot of biographical information so your you know number 1 here you're asking for the vets name that they had during you know the time that they were in the service so specifically you want last comma first comma middle so make sure you get the order there at correct but you also have the vets social security number date of birth and place of birth so ideally you should be able to prall of this information and you should be able to get the vet to give you at least the branch of service whether or not they were an officer or enlisted and the approximate date meaning like in the month in the year that they went into the Army the Marines whatever and you know also the month in the date in which they got out all of that stuff I mean ideally you'd be able to fill in all the blanks here however I mean in some situations the vet honestly can't remember when they got out or when they went in or something so I mean if if this is wrong or this is wrong or something ideally it's not going to be a big deal because you know with the the vets name social date of birth the people who process this form should be able to find the vets file anyway even if some of the information here is missing or slightly incorrect so the only other kind of tidbit here I have is for the National Guard lying right there so I've done I think two cases where I've helped veterans of the National Guard get records so in both of those cases the records in question actually were held by the state and not the federal government so in my case or my cases it was the California National Guard in Sacramento that had the records so not to the National Archives in st. Louis not the you know the Marine Corps at you know clinic or Virginia nothing like that you know they were at the state level and I had to go to Sacramento to get them so I guess that's kind of my only you know kind of practical tip I guess so 4/6 is the person deceased click no or yes and then was the person the veteran retired a full 20 years they mean for a military service click no or yes so that's section one hopefully that's pretty self-explanatory section two is a little bit harder to explain but I'll give it my best shot so the standard form 180 allows you to request multiple things so the the most common one I think is.

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