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Sf 180 Pdf Form: What You Should Know

This contains information normally needed to verify military service. General Information. The General Information Form 214 (GS Form 214-F) is used to request separation from the military in the case where you have a pending separation order. Request Separation from United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force (Army) Aug 22, 2023 — How to Obtain General Information Form 214 (GS Form 214-F) to Request Separation from the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force You can: Download a printable PDF form or a scanned PDF form. The General Information Form 214 (GS Form 214-F), also known as General Order 11, has the same basic information and must be signed by a civilian employee not in uniform and by no fewer than 1 civilian employee in uniform. This form requires you to provide the following information concerning your military service: date of service location of service name and grade of former commanding officer name, date of birth, Social Security number, and telephone or facsimile number of the commanding officer type of discharge duration of active service (for ex-servicemembers only) service obligation  receive or retain special allowances (cash) and allowances for meals and lodging relief from active duty travel (for ex-members only) discharge pay military occupational specialty separation pay and benefits, if provided certification of service performed information relating to disability Information in the General Information Form 214 is usually used by the commanding officer to determine whether you must be given special or unpaid leave. However, military personnel who are involuntarily in inactive duty due to separation from the service cannot use the General Information Form 214. See Form 214, Report of Separation. A list of additional questions may be used in certain cases. For specific information, refer to a Form 214 memorandum (GS Form 214-M). A copy of the memorandum is available from the commanding officer at either the Personnel Office or Army/Navy Personnel Center. The memorandum also may be obtained from the military personnel or by writing to the Office of the Chief, Military Personnel, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Civil Affairs Center, Attn: General Counsel, Wearing, VA 22800, Phone:. General Information Form 214, General Service Memorandum Separation Pay and Benefits.

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