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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Military lost my medical records

Instructions and Help about Military lost my medical records

Music you decide to go to doctor number 2 to continue your medical care and treatment you get copies of your medical records from your first doctor and bring it to your second doctor but now about six months later you realize that the injuries you have are because the first doctor was careless and caused you all these harms and injuries and now your attorney tries to get copies of the medical records from doctor number one but guess what doctor number one says I don't have the records I can't find the records can you use the copies that you obtained originally from doctor number one as original records can you do that during the course of your case come join me for a moment as I share with you a very interesting prospect hi i'm gerry oginski a new york medical malpractice and personal injury attorney this happens more often than you think so now here's the scenario you were being treated by doctor number one the doctor whom you loved and trusted for a long long time and now apparently he did something wrong or at least you feel that he did something wrong causing you significant harm and injury and now you decide you know what I'm going to another doctor I can't continue to be treated by this doctor whom I believe caused all these harms and injuries okay doctor number two says what did the first doctor do do you have copies of his records and you say no but I'll go get them so now you go to doctor number ones office you ask for copies of the records they give you the copies and you take them to doctor number two okay so now doctor number two reads through them and he makes a comments as you know I think something was done wrong here that puts a little thought in your mind that hey maybe the problems you're having are really because the first doctor violated the basic standards of medical care causing you these injuries now you find an attorney who you believe is the best lawyer for you and the first thing your lawyer has to do is try and obtain all of your medical records then he has to take those medical records and have them reviewed by a medical expert or one of your treating doctors who now has to review them and confirm that yes number one there were violations from the standard of care number two that those violations the improper medical care that care was a cause of your injury it doesn't have to be because it only has to be a cause and that yes your injuries are significant or permanent so now when your attorney requests your doctor's records he gets a response back saying we can't locate them and your attorney says what do you mean you can't locate them you are obligated by law to maintain this patient's.

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